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Fiberglass covers include many different types including but not limited to tank covers, cooling tower covers, silo covers, pulley covers (for protection), hoods, sewage pool covers, covers of biological removal of odor, etc.

Size: any sizes upon customer’s request

Shapes: any shapes upon customer’s request

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Fiberglass covers are widely used in water and sewage treatment, chemical and petroleum, food, pharmacy, etc.

Fiberglass covers are different in colors and shapes such as round, rectangular, arch, flat, house type, etc. as per customer’s requirements.

Fiberglass covers are always designed to meet a wide range of temperature, the outer surface finish is remarkable resistant to harsh environmental conditions, making fiberglass an ideal material for exposure to the elements, including the sun, snow and even the salt-laden atmosphere found close to the coastlines. The wind and seismic parameters are also be consider for the structure calculation. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can also be used to optimize the design even further.

Fiberglass covers and hoods are featured by:

1. Good insulation: because of low thermal conductivity coefficient, fiberglass cover can meet the common insulation requirement without additional insulation structure.

2. Light weight and high strength. The weight of fiberglass product is only 1/3~1/4 of steel.

3. Easy installation and low maintenance charge

4. Covers can be designed and manufactured by small pieces for easy handling and transportation

5. Excellent corrosion resistance: different resins can be chosen for different conditions.

6. Long service life

Jrain designs and manufactures various fiberglass covers for different environments, and the sizes are ranging from small to big.

For big covers made by different sections, we preassemble them at our workshop to ensure that each section will match with the others.

We have special mold department to ensure all molds that we use are qualified, which can guarantee the finished products meet the requirements.


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